“I once heard that singer-songwriter Jackson Browne wouldn’t tour until his back up band was available. I’m the same way. I wouldn’t do my post unless I knew that Urban Post was available. At a certain point you realize these guys are like Keith Moon and Jack Bruce – they back you up to create one sweet sound.”
Ron Mann, Filmmaker “Even before the post process began, I knew how I wanted this movie to sound. However, when the guys at Urban got a hold of the film and worked their magic – they had elevated my highest expectations tenfold. They had not only made sound a character – they had given it life, and turned it into a living breathing thing.”
Darren Lynn Bousman, Director, Saw II

“Tom, John, the whole team at Urban Post created a brilliant, inventive, daring and explosive soundscape that pulled together the work of all other departments and created and unforgettable world…the Urban sound team brought Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion back to vivid life almost 90 years later.”
Mary Young Leckie, Executive Producer, Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion

“Temple Street Productions has had the pleasure of working with Urban Post Production on Darcy’s Wild Life, Billable Hours and Blueprint for Disaster. The Urban Post Production creative team approach, award winning sound editing experience and personal touch allows them to meet our high standards. Darcy’s Wild Life is the number one children’s TV show on Discovery Kids.”
Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier, Executive Prodcuers, Darcy’s Wild Life, Billable Hours “Just when you think shooting a TV show is the most fun you can have without getting arrested, you move on to post and discover that working with the Urban Post guys is even more fun – not to mention that their creative and innovative work ratchets your show up another notch or three.”
Shelley Eriksen, Executive Producer, Show Me Yours

“…one of the most difficult challenges of the ‘Between Strangers’ soundtrack, was creating the emotional moments of silence. The silence is not ‘nothing’, but rather a layering and shaping of natural tones, designed to create a dramatic tension that the viewer ‘feels’ rather than ‘hears’…this daunting task was achieved perfectly by the Urban Post sound design team…”
Edoardo Ponti, Director, Between Strangers

“…one of my best experiences has been working with John Smith and Tom Bjelic…I think the prizes and recognition they’ve received (an Emmy for Hitler) speak for themselves. My one demand of the people I work with is that they are smart, dedicated professionals who can raise the caliber of the overall production by their very contribution. John, Tom and their team fit this bill to a T.”
Christian Duguay, Director, Hitler: The Rise of Evil and Joan of Arc

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