Producer: Prodigy Pictures
Network: SPACE Channel, Syfy


Producer: Muse Entertainment
Director: Jon Cassar
Network: Reelz Channel

Shoot The Messenger Shoot The Messenger

Producer: Hungry Eyes Entertainment
Network: CBC

Shimmer Lake Shimmer Lake

Producer: Scythia Films, Footprint Features
Director: Oren Uziel
Distributor: Netflix Original

jigsaw Jigsaw

Producers: Lions Gate Films, Twisted Pictures Media
Director: The Spierig Brothers
Distributor: Lions Gate Films

The Witch The Witch

Producers: Scythia Films, Parts and Labor
Director: Robert Eggers
Distributor: A24, Elevation Pictures

Don’t Talk To Irene Don’t Talk To Irene

Producers: Alyson Richards Productions, Lithium Studios
Director: Pat Mills
Distributor: Search Engine Films

Colossal Colossal

Producer: Brightlight Pictures
Director: Nacho Vigalondo
Distributor: Mongrel Media, Neon

Mean Dreams Mean Dreams

Producer: Woods Entertainment
Director: Nathan Morlando
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment, Elevation Pictures

The Other Half The Other Half

Producers: Motel Pictures, JoBro Productions
Director: Joey Klein
Distributors: Mongrel Media, Brainstorm Media

Awakening The Zodiac Awakening The Zodiac

Producer: Bunk 11 Pictures
Director: Jonathan Wright
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

chokeslam Chokeslam

Producer: Karma Film Inc.
Director: Robert Cuffley
Distributor: A71 Entertainment

Mary Goes Round Mary Goes Round

Producer: Wilding Pictures, Hawkeye Pictures
Director: Molly McGlynn

Tulipani: Love Honour and a Bicycle Tulipani: Love Honour and a Bicycle

Producer: Don Carmody Television
Director: Mike Van Diem
Distributor: A71 Entertainment

Pyewacket Pyewacket

Producer: JoBro Productions
Director: Adam MacDonald

wolfcop Wolfcop

Producer: The Coup Company
Director: Lowell Dean
Distributor: Image Entertainment

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