Post production is a complex and involved process. The more fractured that process, the more difficult it is to achieve a great technical and creative result. A complete post solution delivers every service, facility and deliverable, from start to finish, both sound and picture. Result: more time spent communicating and creating, less time (and money) spent trouble-shooting.

Urban Post Production Toronto Sound Mixing Studio Mixing

Great mixing requires the perfect blend of insight and intuition, experience and expertise. It’s knowing how to fade in just the right levels of emotion, energy and colour to fully reveal character and story.

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Toronto Post Production Sound Design and Editorial Suites Sound Design/Editorial

Great sound design and editing is about mastering the alchemy of sound. Knowing when to apply the established conventions of sound effects editing, and knowing when (and how) to tear up the rule book and let some “mad professor” creativity drive the sonic pallet.

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Audio Dialogue Replacement ADR

ADR requires a first-rate stage and a state of the art recording chain. Great ADR is a lot more personal. It’s about reading an actor’s state of mind, coaxing some great reads and crafting that sweet spot of sync and performance that will blend seamlessly with what’s up there on the screen.

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Urban Post Production Toronto Foley Studio Foley

Great foley is subtle. It’s knowing when to enhance and emphasize, or simply accent and compliment. It’s melding just the right amount of movement, prop and surface to construct an “invisible sound” that always seemed to be there.

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Video Post Production Studios DaVinci Colour Suite - Urban Post Production Toronto Picture Post

Today’s digital picture mediums are complex and ever evolving. Picture post is about mastering and harnessing this technology to achieve three simple goals: picture done precisely, colour done flawlessly, deliverables done exactly.

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Urban Post Production Toronto - Picture edit suites, Avid rentals, Production offices Production and Editorial Support

Landed that greenlight? Congratulations! Now you’ll need a hub. A place to process and produce, meet and communicate. Then assemble, edit, playback and screen.

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