Urban Post Production Colour Grades Sony F55 Footage for Canadian Launch

On Wednesday December 12th Sony  Canada officially launched their newest camera to the Canadian Production Industry and Urban Post Production played an important role in the process.  The PMW-F55 is a very affordable multi-format 35mm video camera that is capable of recording 4K, 2K or HD.

Director / D.O.P. Nigel Akam of DNA films was asked by Sony of Canada to put the camera to the test.  Nigel loved working with the pre-production camera and found the soft key control gave him the flexibility to shoot in many different formats and frame rates at the touch of a button. He chose to produce his film using Sony’s new 4K XAVC codec.  Nigel explained that “one of the great features of the camera is that you can shoot high resolution (up to 4K files) and at the same time record 50Mbs proxy files for offline editing.” Using this codec recording to Sony’s new SxS Pro Plus cards, Nigel was able to record about 50 minutes of content per card but limited the recording to 20. The camera is very flexible allowing for frame rates of up to 180 fps in 2K mode. Nigel went on to say “another feature is that I can use Sony FZ lenses or using the supplied PL to FZ mount adapter it opens up many possibilities for what lenses you can use. For the production of this film, Fujinon supplied a 19-90 Cabrio lens”.

Due to the very tight deadline (he shot the film on Sunday, edited Monday, colour graded Tuesday and screened on Wednesday) Nigel wanted to work with an experienced colourist with a strong technical background.  Nigel turned to Bruce Rees of Urban Post Production “I’ve worked with Bruce many times and knew that faced with a tight deadline and new technology Bruce would be able to manage any issues quickly and do a superb colour grade for the project.”  Sony supplied an alpha version of DaVinci Resolve software which Bruce installed and was able to easily re-link the offline sequence to the 4K XAVC files.  The 4K files require a lot of processing power but with an ISO of 1250 and 14 f-stops of dynamic range the degree of control in colour grading is amazing.

Francois Gauthier, Marketing Manager, Acquisition Products for Sony of Canada and Brian Young of Vistek, a Sony Authorized Professional Solutions Dealer, sat in on the session. They were impressed by the dramatic look Bruce was able to apply to the footage and how fast he was able to colour grade the film.

Photo: Bruce Rees in DaVinci Colour Suite 3

from left to right: Bruce Rees (Urban Post Production), Nigel Akam (DNA Films), Francois Gauthier (Sony of Canada), Brain Young (Vistek)

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